Corporate Stays at Barcelona Suites Hotel

Business travelers take trips all over the country, but one thing remains constant for all of them—they like to stay in hotels that are comfortable for work needs. Recreational travelers might look for things like nearby nightlife or tourist attractions as perks of a certain hotel they’re considering, but guests booking corporate stays typically look for more “practical” amenities that can make their trip more comfortable and more convenient. For example, they may not be as interested in checking out local restaurants, particularly if they are traveling on a budget or without a per diem from their employer. Instead, they might look for a hotel that offers free breakfast or has a refrigerator and microwave in the room. If you’re planning a business trip soon, check out what Barcelona Suites has to offer.

Work-Friendly Amenities

In addition to offering complimentary breakfast, Barcelona Suites rooms are all large enough to have enough space to get work done. In hotels that cater mainly to recreational visitors, there may only be enough space to store clothing and sleep/relax. At business-friendly hotels, however, like Barcelona Suites, two-room suites are offered so that guests can not only relax and kick back after a long day, but also have plenty of room to set up their workstation and get assignments done in a timely yet comfortable manner. Business guests may also look for amenities like on-site guest laundry facilities, as that allows them to pack fewer clothes and travel lighter.

Specials for Extended Stays

On top of business-focused amenities, Barcelona Suites offers extended stay rates, perfect for business trips that are longer than just a few days. We offer special rates for guests who need to stay for four weeks or longer, and also include room utilities like phone service. Apartment-style rooms let you feel like you’re staying in a home away from home, which can make the overall experience of a business trip more enjoyable. Learn more about Barcelona Suites’ corporate stay offerings today—contact us or read more about extended stay visits here.

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