What to Look for in Pet Friendly Hotels in Albuquerque

Travelling can be a lot of fun, but if you like bringing your pet with you, you need to look for special accommodations. It’s important to ensure that the hotel you’re staying in allows pets, as many chain hotels do not. When you’re looking for pet-friendly hotels in Albuquerque, you’ll not only want to verify that your furry friend will have a place to stay, but also what the hotel grounds are like, as well as whether there are any pet-friendly options surrounding your hotel, so that you can keep your pet entertained. To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of things to look for when choosing pet-friendly hotels in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Check that the Grounds are Convenient and Accessible

One of the first things you’ll want to check on with pet-friendly hotels in Albuquerque is whether the hotel room you’ll be staying in is easily accessible for you and your pet. For example, though a hotel might bill itself as being pet-friendly, your room might be on the sixth floor. If there’s a problem with elevators during your visit, you’re not going to want to have to make the trip up and down stairs with a dog in tow.Walking up that many stairs can be frustrating when it’s just you, but add a pet that you have to walk—or worse, carry—up the stairs, and your vacation won’t seem so comfortable anymore. When you’re considering pet friendly hotels in Albuquerque, ask about getting a room that’s on a lower floor and near an exist, so that you’ll be able to get your pet in and out easily, or take your dog on walks without issue.

Look for Pet Friendly Hotels in Albuquerque that are Near Dog Parks

Once you’ve verified that your hotel will be easy on you and your dog as far as getting to and from the room, you’ll want to check out the area surrounding the grounds, particularly if you’re travelling with a dog. Finding area dog parks can make your stay even more fun, as you’ll be able to let your dog get some playtime and exercise in. When you stay at Barcelona Suites, you’ll be staying near Jerry Cline Park, which is connected to the Tom Bolack Urban Forest and Dog Park, as well as the Coronado Dog Park. While this isn’t a necessity for finding a great pet-friendly hotel, it can help ensure that both you and your dog have a fun and relaxing time, since pets can become restless if they’re cooped up inside, especially if they’re not too familiar with their surroundings.

Find Out About Damage and Any Liability You Might Have to Shoulder

We all want to think of our pets as our little precious angels, but we’ve probably all had an experience with a pet at some time or another involving a scratched up chair or an accident inside on the carpeting. That’s why when you’re researching pet-friendly hotels in Albuquerque, you should find out about the hotel’s policies regarding damage and what you’d be responsible for in the event that anything happens.

While most pets are usually pretty calm in their own environments at home, new surroundings can startle them and make them anxious, which can lead to them acting out and possibly being a little bit reckless. Although most pet-friendly hotels know what to expect when they allow pets inside, you may be responsible for costs associated with pet damage, so be sure to ask the hotel’s staff about anything you might need to know regarding possible liabilities.

Check on What the Pet-Friendly Areas Indoors Are Like

Finally, find out what the rules are for when your pet is indoors. Naturally, pet friendly hotels in Albuquerque will have no problem letting your pets roam around within the confines of your own room, but you’ll want to double check about what protocol is outside of the rooms. For instance, are dogs supposed to be on leash at all times? Are they restricted from being in certain areas? Some hotel guests may be scared of pets or allergic, so it’s best to clarify where your pet will be allowed to go before you book your stay anywhere.

When you’re ready to book your stay at a pet-friendly hotel in Albuquerque, you’ll love what Barcelona Suites has to offer. We offer comfortable amenities and accommodations, and we also provide pricing for extended stays, perfect if you’re on an extended business trip or need a place to stay for a bit longer.

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